Enrolled Agent (EA) Continuing Education

Enrolled agents are the highest level of credentialed tax professionals and provide their clients with the confidence that their finances will be protected.  In order to maintain your enrolled agent credentials you must take continuing education every year.

We offer high quality & convenient online CE classes that are backed up by our world class customer support to help you meet your requirements. We will report your PTIN to the IRS for all courses completed within 5 business days.

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What Are The Continuing Education Requirements for Enrolled Agents?

Enrolled Agents are required to obtain 72 hours of continuing education before their 3 year expiration. A minimum of 16 hours must be obtained by December 31st of each year, with 2 of those hours on ethics.  


24 Hour Enrolled Agent Package

24 Hour Course $ 59.00

This 24-hour course is a great refresher for enrolled agents, and will satisfy the ethics requirement as you complete one-third of your CE requirements. In this course, we'll cover important topics like the requirements for filing status; what qualifies as gross income and must be included on a tax return; how to make the appropriate income adjustments for clients; specific schedules that client may require; and an updated discussion of the credits available to taxpayers.

We'll conclude the course with an Ethics class specifically for tax preparers. This class will examine the definition of ethics, pivotal terms used in that discussion, and the taxpayer bill of rights.

16 Hour Enrolled Agent Package

16 Hour Course $ 39.00

This 16-hour course will meet the yearly minimum for enrolled agents to work towards their 72-hour requirement (every three years). 

In the course, we will cover essential topics for tax preparers, including:

  • What qualifies as gross income;
  • Which income items require adjustments
  • Which credits are available and which have expired
  • Other additions to federal tax returns
  • Ethics for tax preparers

These classes will keep you sharp in your practice, and help you make progress toward your continuing education requirement!

Standard and Itemized Deductions

9 Hour Course $ 32.00

This course will cover the Internal Revenue Service's Standard and Itemized Deductions. While most taxpayers claim the standard deduction, some taxpayers will lower their tax bill by claiming itemized deductions. This course teaches you how to make this determination for your client.

Personal and Dependent Exemptions

4 Hour Course $ 20.00

This course will cover the Internal Revenue Service's Personal Exemptions and Dependents. We will cover the two different types of exemptions, personal and dependents, as well as deductions, and cover IRS suggested interview tips for tax preparers.

Federal Filing Requirements/Federal Filing Dates

3 Hour Course $ 15.00

This 3-hour course, which covers current tax law, will meet the mandatory Federal Tax Law Update requirement. In this course we cover topics such as:

  • Filing Information
  • Electronic Filing
  • Identity Theft


Gross Income

3 Hour Course $ 15.00

This course will cover one of the core components of calculating a tax return for a client, the matter of gross income as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, and some of the key definitions and areas of a client's income that will be taxed. This course reflects changes to the tax code under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Federal Filing Status

3 Hour Course $ 15.00

This course will cover the IRS' Federal Filing Status' which are filing single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, filing as head of household, and filing as a qualifying widow or widower.

Taxation of Rental Income and Expenses and Retirement Funds

3 Hour Course $ 15.00

This course will cover the Taxation of Rental Income and Expenses and Retirement Funds for the Internal Revenue Service.

We will go over how taxpayers report rental income, expenses, and retirement funds, as well as income and expenses arising from rental properties, and how to report funds from retirement plans, pensions, annuities, and other similar arrangements.

Supplemental Gains and Losses

3 Hour Course $ 15.00

This course will cover the IRS' Supplemental Gains and Losses which include the federal tax laws that apply to small business owners who are sole proprietors and to statutory employees, along with the information necessary to understand business income, expenses, and tax credits which will help tax preparers best serve their clients.

Introduction to Ethics for Tax Preparers

2 Hour Course $ 10.00

This course will satisfy the required 2 hours of Ethics for Tax Preparers and will cover the basic concepts of ethics, the different types of professional ethics, terms that will be used when referencing ethics, ethical duties of tax preparers, unethical tax actions and their consequences, and what a sample code of professional responsibility for tax preparers looks like.