California Tax Preparer Continuing Education

Tax return preparers in the state of California register with the California Tax Education Council (CTEC) and have slightly different requirements than other tax preparers in the nation.

We will report your PTIN to the IRS for all courses completed within 5 business days.

What Are The Continuing Education Requirements for California Tax Preparers?

California Tax Return Preparers are required to have renewed their registration with CTEC by October 31st, Every Year. In order to renew your registration you must have completed continuing education. In California 20 hours of continuing education are required and of those hours:

  • 15 Hours must be on Federal Curricula
    • 2 hours of Ethics
    • 3 Hours of Tax Law Updates
    • 10 Hours of Federal Tax Topics
  • 5 Hours must be on California Tax Curricula

Our courses and packages are designed with you in mind to be able to renew your registration and continue to do what you do best.


California 2 Hour Ethics for Tax Preparers

2 Hour Course $ 10.00

This course will satisfy the required 2 hours of Ethics for Tax Preparers and will cover the basic concepts of ethics, the different types of professional ethics, terms that will be used when referencing ethics, ethical duties of tax preparers, unethical tax actions and their consequences, and what a sample code of professional responsibility for tax preparers looks like.