Oregon Tax Preparer Continuing Education

Our courses have been approved by the IRS and are accepted by the Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners to help you meet your CE needs. All of our courses can be taken At Your Pace Online.

We will report your PTIN to the IRS within 5 business days of your course completion.

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What Are The Continuing Education Requirements for Oregon Tax Preparers?

Licensed Tax Consultants & Tax Preparers in the state of Oregon must complete 30 hours of continuing education each year in order to maintain an active license. Of those hours, 2 must be on professional conduct and ethics.

Tax Consultants need to have CE completed by May 31st every year. 

Tax Preparers need to have CE completed by September 30th every year.



Oregon 2 Hour Ethics for Tax Preparers

2 Hour Course $ 10.00

This course will satisfy the required 2 hours of Ethics for Tax Preparers and will cover the basic concepts of ethics, the different types of professional ethics, terms that will be used when referencing ethics, ethical duties of tax preparers, unethical tax actions and their consequences, and what a sample code of professional responsibility for tax preparers looks like.

30 Hour Tax CE Course

30 Hour Course $ 59.00

AYPO offers this 30-hour course for Oregon tax preparers and tax consultants to meet all of the continuing education requirements for their renewal.

In the course, we'll review federal filing requirements, and the guidelines for the various filing statuses. It will also cover gross income, adjustments to income that taxpayers may require, and federal credits that are available. Special topics that we will look at include taxation on rental income and on expenses of rentals; using Schedules C, F, J, and SE; and additions to income such as child tax credits and the Alternative Minimum Tax.

The course will conclude with the mandatory Ethics class. Each class included in this package will be followed by a brief quiz.

Oregon 9 Hour Standard and Itemized Deductions

9 Hour Course $ 32.00

This course will cover the Internal Revenue Service's Standard and Itemized Deductions. While most taxpayers claim the standard deduction, some taxpayers will lower their tax bill by claiming itemized deductions. This course teaches you how to make this determination for your client.

Oregon 6 Hour 2018 Credits

6 Hour Course $ 25.00

In this 6-hour class, we'll review the most important and common credits that your clients may qualify for. Credits are offered for a number of different things, including dependent family members, work-related expenses, qualifying elderly or disabled persons, and more. We'll talk about who qualifies for these, and how to calculate them.

Oregon 5 Hour Additional Tax Schedules

5 Hour Course $ 22.00

This 5-hour class offering will satisfy part of your continuing education hours as a tax preparer. In the course, we'll cover several additional schedules that you're likely to use with your clients: Schedules C, F, J, and SE.

We'll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of these schedules, as well as how to fill them out correctly.


Oregon 4 Hour Personal and Dependent Exemptions

4 Hour Course $ 20.00

This course will cover the Internal Revenue Service's Personal Exemptions and Dependents. We will cover the two different types of exemptions, personal and dependents, as well as deductions, and cover IRS suggested interview tips for tax preparers.

Oregon 3 Hour Taxation of Rental Income

3 Hour Course $ 15.00

This course will cover the Taxation of Rental Income and Expenses and Retirement Funds for the Internal Revenue Service. We will go over how taxpayers report rental income, expenses, and retirement funds, as well as income and expenses arising from rental properties, and how to report funds from retirement plans, pensions, annuities, and other similar arrangements.

Oregon 3 Hour Supplemental Gains and Losses

3 Hour Course $ 15.00

This course will cover the IRS' Supplemental Gains and Losses which include the federal tax laws that apply to small business owners who are sole proprietors and to statutory employees, along with the information necessary to understand business income, expenses, and tax credits which will help tax preparers best serve their clients.

Oregon 3 Hour Adjustments to Income

3 Hour Course $ 15.00

In this 3-hour continuing education class, we'll examine the different adjustments to income that clients may require on their federal tax return. These adjustments include contributions to retirement accounts, as well as penalties for early withdrawal and failing to take required distributions. We'll also discuss changes to the treatment of alimony funds, and who these changes apply to.


Oregon 3 Hour 2018 Other Taxes and Payments

3 Hour Course $ 15.00

AYPO's 3-hour course on other taxes and payments will cover taxes that apply to business owners (such as FICA), self-employed individuals, and those subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax. Paying estimated taxes will also be covered, as it is something many self-employed individuals must do.

We'll talk about the forms required for these taxes, and how to calculate them.

Oregon 3 Hour Federal Filing Requirements and Federal Filing Dates

3 Hour Course $ 15.00

This course will cover the Internal Revenue Service's Federal Filing Requirements/Federal Filing Dates. The topics start with the basics of preparing a tax return, who must file and different filing status', as well as what forms and electronic filing options are available, alternative filing deadlines and extensions, and refunds and penalties.

Oregon 3 Hour Federal Filing Status

3 Hour Course $ 15.00

This course will cover the IRS' Federal Filing Status' which are filing single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, filing as head of household, and filing as a qualifying widow or widower.

Oregon 3 Hour Gross Income

3 Hour Course $ 15.00

This 3-hour course will cover one of the core components of calculating a tax return for a client, the matter of gross income as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, and some of the key definitions and areas of a client's income that will be taxed.

This will meet 3 hours of the 30 hour CE requirement Oregon tax preparers are required to satisfy.

Oregon 2 Hour Other Types of Income

2 Hour Course $ 10.00

In this 2-hour class, we will be addressing the miscellaneous forms of income that a taxpayer is required to report on their taxes. Some of these will be exempt, or partially exempt, but others will be fully taxable. A few of the types of income that we'll discuss include proceeds from life insurance, royalties, repayments, and cancelled debts.

Oregon 1 Hour Other Items in an Oregon Personal Income Tax Return

1 Hour Course $ 5.00

This is a 1-hour continuing education class for tax preparers in Oregon. The focus of this class is other items that will be reported in an Oregon individual income tax return. The point of this class is to address additional items that need to be reported on state returns that do not fall into other categories. This class will cover such topics as net operating losses for Oregon, passive activity losses, deductions, and farm related tax items.

This course is approved by the Oregon Board of Tax Practioners (OBTP).